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Amanda Hand – Manager

Amanda has been working at The Holy Cross for 14 years, first as a care assistant, then senior carer, working her way up to deputy manager and finally the registered home manager.

She has now been the manager for 2 years. She really has worked her way up through the ranks as a result of her sheer determination, consistent care and consideration for the residents.

Amanda is a reliable, involved manager who is always approachable to all members of staff and residents. She is on hand to every member of staff to ensure their happiness and satisfaction both in their job and their personal lives. Amanda is always there to support both our ladies and gentlemen, their families, and staff through good times and bad.

Residents are always her priority, ensuring that they are always provided with a cuddle when they need one and even when they don’t! Her door is always open, and staff describe her as hands on. Owner of The Holy Cross Jane Welsman Jones, said “The Holy Cross is Amanda, and Amanda is The Holy Cross”.