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Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

To be recognised as a passionate and committed provider offering care led by individual needs, in a homely setting, with caring staff, showing dignity and respect to all of our residents.


It is our aim to provide a service that meets the individual needs of the residents in our care. We always aim to enable them to live a full and rewarding life.


Holy cross care home holds a non-discriminatory policy, meaning we will provide care to any person wishing to use our service regardless of gender, age, cultural background, disability, religion, or sexual orientation. We always aim to provide holistic care to all service users and embrace individuality.


Each person at the Holy cross deserves the right to…

  • Privacy
  • Have all their needs, physical and emotional accepted, encouraged and supported
  • Individuality and involvement considered within the scope of the service provided including preferences for timing, food, and drinks etc (person centred care)
  • Be treated with dignity and respect including being valued as an individual


Holy cross has a number of systems and policies in place to assist in delivering a high standard of care, some of these include…

  • A comprehensive set of policies and procedures to aid delivery of a high standard of care
  • Offering opportunities for our team to develop their careers through in house training and outside training courses to keep up to date with current manual handling and medication management etc


Our values

Security – we create an environment in our home whereby all of our individuals feel safe and secure in a home-from-home setting

Respect – we ensure a comfortable and inclusive environment for all individuals to feel respected and valued at all times

Collaboration -we work closely with multidisciplinary teams who share our values to achieve shared goals

Choice- here at the Holy cross we ensure all individuals get the right help and support which enables them to make their own choices and express preferences

Privacy – we ensure all our residents have the right to be undisturbed when they wish and where possible encouraged to manage their own affairs to promote independence

Dignity – we treat each individual with respect to ensure we maintain their dignity and effectively fulfil their wishes during their time with us

Community – family, loved ones and friends are welcome at all times (no visiting hours in place) and they are encouraged to participate in all our community activities and events. We have daily entertainment and organise events for all to attend. We love to create a home from home environment where all residents and families feel welcome to at any time see their loved ones and seek support from the team

Independence- we assist residents to take measured risks to make their own decisions and act for themselves where capacity allows to ensure maximum independence

Our Philosophy

The Holy Cross is a residential home, providing assistance to those individuals requiring personal care within a homely, pet-friendly, family environment. The homes mission is to provide the highest quality care whilst always treating individuals with respect and maintaining their independence wherever possible.

Individuals are always valued and all staff, most of whom have been employed for ten years, are committed in their work providing a rewarding life fulfilled with positive outcomes. Quality of life is of the utmost importance to everybody at the Holy Cross, delivered with kindness, care and compassion.